Keno Guide

Our Keno Guide brings you origins and the basics of Keno.

If you are a player who enjoys numbers, then Keno is definitely your game. Sit down, choose your lucky numbers and hit that play button and see your chosen numbers hit just those right spots.

There are no rules here. You are presented with a board that has 1 – 80 demarcated very clearly on it. Chose anything from 4 to 20 numbers and push that button. The Keno bubble will then bounce around the screen and reveal what numbers had already been preordained to win and the calculation will be made to how many of your numbers corresponded with these numbers.

Keno must not be confused with Bingo. In bingo you purchase a card that has already got 24 numbers on it, and it depends on what the bingo host calls as to if you win or not. You do not get to choose your own numbers whereas in Keno the whole score of 80 numbers is open to you to choose your own numbers. Keno can be described more of a game that resembles Lottery Games as the numbers are all there for you to choose from and therefore the outcome will totally be in your hands.

Keno finds its origins in China where is it believed to have been started thousands of years ago. It popularity has increased with it not only being represented in land based casino’s in every corner of the world, but now it is also available online and hence available to every single online gamer. Every Online Casino has a keno section, so if numbers get your blood boiling, sent that zing through your veins, then pop on over and see what Keno is all about.

Keno has its own set of hints to those that would like to play. Although up to 20 numbers can be chosen, and with these 20 numbers you could claim that wonderful Jackpot that is available if you get them all right, but it is generally safer to play with between 4 and 8 numbers. This not only prolongs your gaming experience by not using up your bankroll, but with these numbers you can still win some very lucrative prizes.