Casino Game Guides

Our casino game guides will help you learn the basics of the various casino games including rules, strategy and history. Going into a casino without knowing the basics of the various Casino Games is like giving your money away. In some cases, you really only need to know that a function is available to give yourself a really good chance of winning.

Read about the history and origin of these casino games….as well as rules and gameplay tips.

Your visit to a casino or to an online casino irrespective of whether it is a Online Casino South Africa, U.K. Casino or U.S.A. Casino will also be more pleasant if you can work out in advance what Casino Games you want to play. Read through our Casino Games guide and arm yourself with a little knowledge of the games, the casino bonus offers and general play to give yourself a little extra confidence. You can also read our in depth casino reviews where we list the best online casinos for you to choose from. Every little bit helps!

Baccarat Guide


  • Read all about playing baccarat at a casino.
  • Learn Baccarat rules, strategy and history.
  • Baccarat Guide page

Bingo Guide


  • Read all about playing bingo at a casino.
  • Learn Bingo rules, strategy and history.
  • Bingo Guide page

Blackjack Guide


  • Read all about playing blackjack at a casino.
  • Learn Blackjack rules, strategy and history.
  • Blackjack Guide page

Craps guide


  • Read all about playing craps at a casino.
  • Learn Craps rules, strategy and history.
  • Craps Guide page

Keno Guide


  • Read all about playing Keno at a casino.
  • Learn Keno rules, strategy and history.
  • Keno Guide page

Poker Guide


  • Read all about playing poker at a casino or online poker room.
  • Learn Poker rules, strategy and history.
  • Poker Guide page

Roulette Guide


  • Read all about playing roulette at a casino.
  • Learn Roulette rules, strategy and history.
  • Roulette Guide page

Slots Guide


  • Read all about playing slots at a casino or online casino.
  • Learn Slots rules, strategy and history.
  • Slots Guide page

Video Poker Guide


  • Read all about playing video poker at a casino or online casino.
  • Learn Video Poker rules, strategy and history.
  • Video Poker Guide page