Online Poker in South African Rands

Where can you play Online Poker in South African Rands?

As we have already discovered, Southern Africa has some of the best online casinos in the world. In fact, a good number of the biggest and best online casinos that serve the international market are based in South Africa too. All this means that the talent, and of course the passion, is alive and well in South Africa.

Online poker in Southern Africa started with the establishing of 3 Piggs Poker. Piggs Peak Casino were the longest established online casino in Southern Africa and among their senior management were a few poker fanatics. It was NOT difficult to anticipate the launch of Piggs Poker Room at the time, especially since the software became available from their existing casino software supplier. Piggs Poker Room took everything to new levels with huge tournaments, big names, and television coverage. All this has culminated in a strong poker skill level amongst our local players. They were even good enough to get on the podium at the World Series of Poker! Sadly Piggs Peak Poker has come to an end for those playing in South African Rands.

We also see that the Management of Silversands Casino did not simply ignore the local poker market. Silver Sands established themselves strongly locally and were in fact the first online casino to get the word out over television about online gaming. They featured prominently in the initial season of Big Brother which certainly educated the local market about casinos existing on their PC’s.

Silversands Casino management commissioned unique software from Ice Gaming. This software would reflect a solidly South African style. This was certainly successful and Silversands are definitely a popular online poker room and here to stay!

Finally of course, the world had to sit up and take notice. Plans have been made to bring some of the biggest poker rooms in the world into Southern Africa. One of the first of these to arrive has been Golden Palace Poker. This gives the user access to a shared network which is known as the iPoker network. A shared network of course means that you are looking at many more opportunities to find a game that suits you. More tables, more opportunities, and a chance to be part of a truly global community.

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